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What We Do

Legacy Financing is an equipment financing brokerage firm with a multitude of lenders specializing in your field. Our team has over 16 years of experience and we provide our clients with the best possible financing in the shortest possible time.


Our Approach

Our experts spend time with you to understand your requirements and then find and negotiate the best financing terms on the market for your needs. We bargain hard to get you the best deal in the market.


Our Mission

We are passionate about financing. Our mission is simple: help business grow by offering our experience and expertise with our network of lenders.

This is what makes us “The reference in equipment financing!”


Legacy Financing

Legacy Financing is an award-winning leasing company committed to providing the best possible solutions to businesses across the country. Since 2006, we have financed many types of equipment for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Equipment Leasing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of leasing, is the lower out-of-pocket costs when acquiring equipment. Leases often require little or no down payment, and there are no upfront sales taxes.

Obtaining a lease typically involves a simple and quick financing application and approval process.

Up to 100% Financing

Other financing options may require a sizable down payment.
Leasing often eliminates the need to provide cash “up front”.


Legacy Financing By the Numbers

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Why Lease?

You generate revenue by using equipment not owning it.

As an alternative to traditional lending, leasing can offer real advantages for any size business, including:

Preserve Working Capital

Preserve Bank Operating Lines

No Pre-Payment of Taxes

Tax Benefits

Affordable Lease Payments

Purchase or Renewal Options


Lease Specialists

To The Trucking Industry

Throughout our company history, we have a record of involvement in almost every aspect of our evolving transportation industry.

Success Stories

“I was really impressed with the speed of your service, as within 2 hours of sending the documents to my broker I already had my approval and was on my way to pick up my equipment. “

Jane Paul

CEO, Aster

“I was pleased with the efficiency of your service, as I received approval for my documents within a day of submitting them to you. This allowed me to promptly proceed with acquiring my machinery.”

Steve Waller

CEO, Nugget

“I am impressed with the prompt response and excellent service provided by Legacy Financing. The overall process was efficient and exceeded my expectations.”

Jordan Wayne