Obtain Funds by Refinancing

A refinance of equipment is not just a solution for businesses facing financial difficulties. It can also be used to obtain funds for new projects.
The purpose of refinancing your equipment may be to obtain cash for a fluctuation in sales, to market a new product, to invest in a new project, or for a down payment on new equipment.
Refinancing your debt will allow you to get more beneficial amortization periods, allowing you to invest more in your business.

Refinancing your assets offers the following benefits:

  • Refinancing equipment can provide you with working capital or allow you to repay your debt. It is possible for some seasonal businesses to refinance their assets in order to strengthen their working capital;
  • In order to purchase inventory, a fast-growing business may require cash;
  • In the event of a business buyout, shareholders can refinance equipment in order to purchase out their other shareholders.

Make sure you are well prepared

In order to qualify for refinancing, you must be certain that your business is risk-free and that your business plan is detailed.

We can assist you if your business is experiencing temporary difficulties.

Please provide us with clear, complete, well-presented documents and, of course, your most recent balance sheet. By doing this, you will demonstrate your seriousness as well as speed up the leasing application process. Consult an accountant if necessary.