Lease with Legacy Financing and Save

Legacy Financing specializes in the leasing of equipment and has instant credit approval authority. You will typically receive a decision within two hours of submitting your application. We understand your business and will provide you with lease terms that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. With our competitive rates, early buyouts, customized payment programs, and lease-to-own structures, you can count on us for excellent service.

Create More Cash

Your working capital can be freed up by leasing equipment in order to fund expansion and to cover unexpected expenses. Leasing will also provide you with predetermined monthly payments, allowing you to budget your finances accordingly. By getting the equipment you need now to increase immediate revenues, you will be able to develop long-term plans for your business.

Equipment Upgrades

In addition to costing you a fortune in downtime and repairs, old equipment can be unpredictable. The leasing of new equipment will enable your equipment to work for you rather than against you. Through our Sales division, Legacy offers the opportunity to trade in your old equipment. The old equipment can be used as a down payment for the new lease or as a way to reduce the monthly payment or the term of the lease.

Unlock the Equity

Using Legacy’s refinancing services, you will be able to unlock the cash that is locked up in your equipment. Our goal is to empower you to make better long-term financial decisions for your business by putting you in the driver’s seat.

Tax Benefits

The tax benefits associated with leasing are usually considerable. The full lease payment can be deducted from your income. Additionally, leasing permits you to maintain working capital that would otherwise be unavailable if you were to purchase the equipment outright.

Choose Legacy for your equipment leasing needs in the trucking, construction, hospitality, and office sectors. To assist your business, we offer a variety of financial services:

  • Lease to own
  • Flexible down payments
  • Equipment leasing
  • Business financing
  • Equipment financing
  • Construction equipment financing
  • Dump truck financing
  • Heavy equipment financing
  • Lease accounting
  • Small business loans
  • Refinancing
  • Loan brokerage
  • Capital equipment
  • Used truck financing