Grow with Legacy Financing

We specialize in equipment leasing services and have instant credit approval authority. We typically give you a decision on your application within 2 hours. We understand your business and will provide you lease terms which suit your specific needs.

What we Do

Fast / Competitive / Reliable

we offer flexible leasing & financing solutions to small and medium size enterprises. We are proud to support owner-operators and self-employed individuals across the country, aiding the growth of Canadian entrepreneurs. Our customers count on us for:


Fast Loan Processing


Competitive Rates of Interest


Excellent Service & Reliability


We help you in preparing your documents for Leasing and Financing so you can relax and focus on your business.

Fast Processing

Seamless integration with Leasing, Finance and Equipment Sellers, help us process your requirements, faster.

Easily Accessible

With presence in multiple location, we offer you our service at location that is convenient to you.

Expert's Advice

Our experts understand your requirements and suggest the best solution for your unique needs.


Benefits of Leasing

Should I lease? Should I buy? What about financing? Talk to us about the financing options that could work for you.


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

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Interested in Leasing?

Just fill-up a simple form and our executive will be in touch with you to assist you in achieving your financial requirements.

Legacy Financing is an award-winning leasing company committed to providing the best possible solutions to businesses across the country. We have financed many types of equipment for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.